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The Pilo is a new and unique product designed for stuffing handbags whilst in storage, and to do away with reams of tissue paper once and for all! They're also great for plumping out leather whilst cleaning. Made from a luxurious cotton, and filled with the highest quality polyester stuffing we could find: the Pilo is soft, breathable and machine washable*. 

Small (approx 22cm x 13cm) - suitable for; Mini Alexa, Regular Cecily, Regular Lily

Medium (approx 28cm x 17cm) - suitable for; Clemmie, Ledbury, Medium Cecily, Medium Lily, Mini Bays Buckle, Mini Cara, Regular Alexa, Small Bayswater Buckle, Small Bayswater Satchel, Small Del Rey, Small Freya, Small New Bayswater, Small Willow, Winsley, Small Suffolk, Hellier

Large (approx 38cm x 29cm) - suitable for; Bayswater (including 2016 SBS), Bayswater Tote, Large Willow, Medium Cara, Oversized Alexa, Regular Del Rey, Roxanne, Large Bayswater Buckle, Large Freya, Tessie Tote

Large Rounded (approx 35cm x 27cm) - suitable for; Bella Messenger, Chloe Medium Marcie, Daria Satchel, Effie Satchel, Large Jamie, Mitzy Messenger, Somerset Hobo

Extra Large (approx 43cm x 32cm) - suitable for; Neverfull GM

* Up to 40 degrees. Use a low spin speed, and fill the drum with other items to balance the load.

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