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Collonil Shoe Cream, 50ml


Collonil Shoe Cream with softening waxes. Colours and cares for smooth leather. Revives and brightens colours.

We've found that shoe creams are much better suited for use on handbags than shoe polishes. Polishes don't penetrate the leather, and give a high shine finish when buffed. Creams are absorbed by the leather - helping to keep it soft and supple - and give a 'satin' finish when buffed. Unlike polish, shoe cream does not cause a build-up over time which needs to be removed with solvents. Made with shoes in mind, but perfect for handbags too!

We recommend the following colours for Mulberry leathers:

Bordeaux-Mahogany - Oxblood

Dark Berry - Rouge Noir

Dark Brown - Chocolate

Flame - Flame

Flame - Hibiscus

Grape - Violet

Indigo - Neon Blue

Mandel - Oak

Medium Grey - Pavement Grey, Mole Grey

Moos - Olive

Orange - Mandarin

Rosewood - Eggplant

Taupe - Taupe

White can be mixed with any colour to achieve a better match if required.

Application instructions:

Suitable for use with most types of leather. Try on an inconspicuous area first.

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